Ice Connect Marble White Beauty Ice Jade Marble Slab

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Maybe you are familiar with its’ another name “White Beauty”.

It is a kind of green jade marble material which is quarried in China.

Ice Connect Marble is admirable to look at the Ice Connect Marble when used in bookmatched slabs. This nature marble comes in a highly polished finish and is suitable for a residential or light commercial setting.

It features a striking combination of white color background caressed with patterns of black, green, gray and white veining.

Its fluid and dramatic patterns make it a popular choice for sophisticated clients.

We Ice Stone is one of the biggest agent of this Chinese nature marble stone building materials. We have advantaged resources in getting the best quality and nice pattern of raw blocks from quarry directly.

It is especially good for Counter-tops, Vanity Tops, Mosaic, Stairs, Wall Cladding Decoration, Floors Tiles, Fountains and other design projects.

To be one of the Chinese professional green marble suppliers is our target.

We are starting to work for it.

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Fresh, sophisticated and full of character, green marble is a natural stonework that captures everyone’s imagination at first sight.
This type of marble is full of vitality, making it an ideal option for those who want to bring a fresh and comfortable flair to any room.
Collage slab: 270*170*1.8/2.0cm or 302*165*1.8/2.0cm
Nature slab: (160-220)*(100-170)*1.8cm.
Mosaic: 300*300*8mm,457*457*8mm, 600*600*10mm, etc.
Any customized size is OK. Could do as per your request.



1. Who are we?
We are based in Shuitou Twon, Fujian Province which is called Stone Capital in China. We start nature stone business from 2013, export stone materials to Southeast Asia (35.00%), Europa (50.00%), North America (20.00%), Middle Eastern(20.00%). There are total about 30-50 people in our office.

2. How can we guarantee quality?
-Priority selection——quarry resource integration, first choice of all blocks selection.
-Vacuum——Most advanced way for treating blocks. We innovate two layers protective glue on the package. Italy Tenax glue goes through grouting machine to protect damage in cutting. Cost is high but keeping perfect quality.
-Advanced equipment——2 sets of imported polishing line. 20 grinding head.

3. What can you buy from us?
Marble, Onyx, Granite, Quartz stone in Forms of Block, Slab, Tile, Mosaic and Project Products.

4. How could you control the quality?
1. Italy agent for technical guidance, factory full time personnel.
2. QC department——double quality control and quality report for final approvement.
3. Take out the unqualified goods for re-work immaterially, quality decide the bonus system, quality decide the bonus system.

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